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The story begins in Brighton Australia where internationally respected criminal defence attorney Storm Madison takes control of the courtrooms at the Supreme Court. Injustice her biggest enemy. As if life isn’t complicated enough an innocent glance at a magazine article opens her up to a myriad of madness and mayhem. An unwanted intrusion into her personal space is to throw her into a world so filled with chaos it will make the one she comes from look mild by its comparison. Storm Madison doesn’t like to lose but can she win this one and live to tell the tale. Her once peaceful world is now spiralling out of control. One part of her life is opening up to emotions she has never had to feel. The other a danger so real no one may survive. Storm learns many lessons none more real than trust.  


Storm Madison; Criminal attorney extraordinaire. She is feared and revered the world over for her immense and intense legal prowess. She has both style and substance, and is bewitchingly beautiful with her olive skin and jet-black hair, and, those famous, or as some would say, infamous green eyes. She is strangely unaware of her beauty; yet she is extremely aware of her legal presence.  You will love to hate her, be angered by her ways, yet at the same time be inspired by her moments of kindness. Come on her journey; I am inviting you.

Time Lies Fate & Family

It’s Christmas a time of good will and forgiveness. Not according to Storm Madison she has never understood all the fuss. Her mind is fully entrenched in end of year court cases and the mess left behind by Daniel Costa. The pace steps up, as the journey into the abyss grows closer. Storm must now face emotions and situations so foreign she starts to question everything including herself. Although there are glimmers of light, the end of the tunnel still seems a long way away. Although Mickey breathes new life into Storm’s world the road ahead is still precarious. Can wit and will prevail over evil. Then an unexpected trip starts a new journey, one many say Storm can’t win. But Storm doesn’t like to lose. How close is too close? Can the New Year herald better times.


Come continue the journey. I am inviting you.

Passion for Justice

Mickey’s tour takes them to America. A generous gift sees the entire family accompany him. Storm then takes the journey to Sicily to meet with her father. Madness and mayhem reign as they go head to head. Storm learns things are never as they seem. As her father is taken to the hospital for life saving surgery she has shown her strength, the tide changes. The seed of family is sewn. Storm is now back, in total control. Or is she?


Upon their arrival back in Australia Storm makes a life altering decision.  She has decided the time has come to share the dark days with those closest to her. Then, and only then, does she believe her life can become whole.


Stay with Storm on her journey.

Madison V Francini

Enter a world of crime, lies and the destiny of two worlds that should never collide. Watch as the fate of three families who are intertwined by time destiny and hatred. Then as a war rages over three countries, and the battle than ensues. This will pit blood against blood, family against family. It’s anyone’s guess as to who will be standing at the end. New enemies, new allies one agenda. The kidnapping that starts a war that will bring those you least expect to the fore. Lives hang in the balance as Storm sets out to reclaiming what is hers. And, to make those responsible, pay. The journey will have a climax you won’t expect.


Continue her journey. I am inviting you.

Destiny & Divided Loyalties

The wedding that brings together a new beginning for Storm and her family but as with everything in her life it soon turns to chaos. A new addition to the family, comes in the strangest of  ways. Throw into the mix a double murder case that many say Storm can’t win.


As if life isn’t hectic enough the arrival of a new enemy who is hell bent on revenge is about to turn Storms life upside down. A trial that is fraught with emotion pits good over evil, wrong over right and it will go down to the wire. As Storm fights to keep not only her reputation alive she is also fighting for all that is dear to her. Those who thought they knew Storm Madison and what she was made of will find themselves re-thinking their opinions of her.


Continue the journey Storm and her family take as they all seemingly unravel the lies that time has keep secret.





Out Of The Dark


The joining of two souls sees Storm take on a role she was once adamant would never happen. Her happiness is to be short lived and if certain people get there way so is her life. An unexpected enemy creates havoc in and out of the courtrooms. Enter a corrupt police officer who is hell bent on destroying Storm. As if from out of no-where the entire world from which Storm Madison comes gets blind-sided as they must now all sit and watch her fight her biggest fight to-date. The fight for her life. Follow the family as they strive to find the answers and the help they need to save Storm from certain death. Allow yourself to get caught up in the spirit of Storms family as they challenge anyone who stands between them and helping bring Storm home.

No White Flag


A long buried secret is found and the help it provides, sees Storm on the mend. The fight back begins as Storm Madison makes the slow journey back to full health. She has one thing on her mind and all who know her knew why.


A switch in legal rolls provides Storm with what some say her greatest challenge to date. The trial to end all trials is about to begin and armed with an arsenal of fact truth and provable evidence Storms takes control. Justice has finally prevailed. Once again Storm reigns supreme. Storm leaves an indelible imprint on the minds of those who may in future believe they can cross her without consequence. I hope you have enjoyed the journey.


Full Circle (one more no more)


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From child abuse survivor to Published Author and the journey it took to get here.


- My journey of self discovery -


The Storm Madison Story

A love story that spans three countries and a crime wave that will begin a war between three families. From the mafia to the supreme court and beyond.