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The name is Mike I am an interstate truckie about 6 months ago I was sitting in a truck stop I saw a lady reading a book and as I sat watching her, I was entertained. As I left I said, good book, her reply floored me, so I took down the authors name and I got the wife to buy the book for me. I have since read the first four in the series bloody great read even for us blokes, Kazzie Kennedy you made this old truckie’s journey a damn easy run these past few weeks. The way you write girl, bloody hell I was on the Mitchell highway heading north and sitting in the truck stop reading got so lost I swear I was in Rome. Hi Kazzie this is Dawn I am the typist lol and Mike’s wife, I too have since read your books and I like Mike can’t wait for the next three the suspense is killing us. Please add us to your mailing list and good luck with your E-Books.

Mike and Dawn Melvin FNQ


Kazzie Kennedy there are no words to say what I want to say to you, however I felt compelled to try to find words meaningful enough to say thank you. I have reached out many times to many who professed to want to help guide me through the years of abuse, leaving me deeper in my despair.  Finally through the kindness of another I was given your name and a guarantee I wouldn’t regret it. From the moment I wrote you, you have filled my heart with light and given me back the life I was so desperately trying to end. Your book Whispers of Hope saved my life literally, you were talking about me as if you knew me yet this was your story, I soon realised the way in which you write speaks to each person as if you had personally written it for them about them yet leaving them with the tools to heal. Your kindness and generous spirit your articulate way of explaining the hardest of topic’s making this survivor of abuse believe as you say I better get to living. I would recommend this and all Kazzie’s written work be sought. I love what you have done with your You Tube clips further sending messages of guidance and hope, and standing up for those with no voice. Thank you so very much for your life saving heart. The world is a better place for having you in it Kazzie Kennedy.

Name withheld Melbourne


Kazzie Kennedy and "Whispers of Hope" that ignited a spark in my blackened soul and maybe there was hope for someone like me to break free from my self imposed prison and find some joy peace and beauty on this earth reading whispers of hope gave me the much needed courage to walk free thank you Kazzie Kennedy you are an amazing and inspiring woman.

Andrea Michelle Urch Brisbane



I recently read a book called 'Whispers of Hope' By Kazzie Kennedy. I wanted to write about it as I want other survivors to have the same gift this book gave to me. It is worded beautifully. Kazzie writes in a way that is so easy to read and yet reaches... down deeply inside of me. The author shares what she has gone through in her life in such an honest way. To have come through everything that life has thrown her way and then produce a book such as ‘Whispers of Hope’ is truly an inspiration. It is refreshing to see a survivor who has been dealt many dark times in her life to talk of light and hope in the way that this book does. The first two things which jumped out at me (amongst many others!) were two lines... walked in with that look ...I talk about that look too... maybe it wasn’t the same, I couldn’t know but its kind of comforting and disturbing to read another survivor speaking about 'the look' and therefore being able to understand what I mean! Secondly... knowledge is power...I live by that too. Knowledge really is power isn’t it! This book is full of inspirational quotes and motivators for the reader. The other thing which really resonated with me is talking about all the people who did you such wrong did not pay for it...I don't feel the people in my life paid either. What the author speaks about being abused as a life sentence makes so much sense to me. Kazzie speaks so much truth in this book sprinkled with a lot of hope for us all. The book challenged me to think about many different things one being ‘justice’. I've never really thought about it in terms of 'personal justice' before...a message every survivor should read! I will now try to live out your message about greeting the day and being thankful for it each morning! This really is a must read for other survivors.

Kate Swift UK


Wow what a great read. My mum an me have read all your books and what an inspirational writer you are. We both felt so inspired by your books we have both started to do some volunteer work and you are so right giving to those less fortunate brings such depth to your life. I personally learned to speak your mind is a good thing as long as you speak it with respect. Can’t wait for Out Of The Dark and for that matter anything you write I will be in line to purchase. Way to go Kazzie Kennedy you write it like no other.

Kelly Malcolm-Smyth Toorak Australia 


I Just wanted to say thank you, your book Whispers Of Hope have given my daughter a new lease on life what a wonderful woman you are to care so much about complete strangers to give so openly. We have also read your four novels and they are fantastic as a family we are so very grateful for your kindness and your gifts. God Bless you Kazzie Kennedy you were our angel in our time of despair. We also look forward to the coming novels.

Mrs M.Walker -Tasmania


I have now read all four books of yours, you are a stand up author with a unique style, but girl you need to get someone to adapt this for screen. Amazingly well written no matter who has told you your unorthodox style will go no where. Oh how I hope they are around to eat humble pie. I am thrilled you didn't let the opinions of others stand in your way.

Giselle Simpson-Blair  Melbourne


Bravo Kazzie Kennedy what an amazing gift you have. I found the journey you the author invite your readers on was a uniquely intriguing concept. So much so I felt compelled to accept your invitation and may I say I was not disappointed. I am in the legal profession myself and must say, thank the great legal gods Storm Madison is just a character in a novel, as I would surely hate her to be someone I could possibly come up against. The lesson’s this amazing character teaches us along the way are quite startling. I have now read the first three books in the series and am awaiting delivery of the forth. I think I not only am I a better person since reading your work, I actually think I perform my job with a more honest outlook. So again I say thank you. And if I may wish you every success with your soon to be released personal Journal Whispers of Hope. It is a wonderful thing you do by supporting those without a voice. You are an extremely decent human being and I wish you well in all your endeavours.

Christian St Peters Brisbane


I have just finished your latest novel Destiny & Divided Loyalties and wow is all I can say. This is my favourite so far, well maybe Madison V Francini, oh heck they are all amazing, but over here in Perth well in our office anyways the debate is raging about which of the novels available is the best. Well we couldn’t agree so we decided to agree to disagree. However the one thing we did all agree on is they are so much more than novels they life changing. My boss even took a day off to go fishing with his son after reading your books. From us all many thanks.

Sandra Lee Perth W.A.


I don’t expect my testimonial to be published yet won’t be surprised if it does, now I know that may sound like a contradiction. I am a woman in my late sixties and I am homeless, not by choice but by circumstance yet my situation does not render me uneducated, my love of reading still my only joy and one I spend most days doing. I visit the library here in Sydney to read, I was to find your novel Time Lies Fate & Family and my heart I thought would surely break upon reading your dedications. As I finished the last page of the book I felt I knew many of the characters and I felt I knew the heart of the author. I felt alive and young and strong again whilst reading your moving picture. I have asked the library to get your series in, as I must, as asked by the author continue her journey. I said I didn’t expect to see this printed what I meant by that was I better than most know things are not always as they seem. Yet wouldn’t be surprised because if I am reading this author correctly she is a woman of substance and strength through adversity and what she gives her readers is true moral values and the lessons of respect through fiction. The lady here showed me your website on the computer you have beautiful face and from your words a heart to match. God Bless you dear. Thank you Nada for mailing this for me.

Maggie Sydney


I'm a gal that's easily bored, but this book is a BLOODY RIPPER. I'd been looking for a good read for ages and I'm very happy to say I have found a new series to read......Bring em on! Good luck with the writing and remember.. IMPOSSIBLE IS A DARE!



G’Day just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how your book changed life as I knew it. I don’t know much about these new fandangle computers so I wrote this to paper and the daughter put it to the computer. I am an old farmer from Australia and I gotta tell you miss, I like routine and that’s what the wife and I have had for forty years. Until her sister sent her a copy of your novel Time Lies Fate & Family that is. Came in as always expecting dinner on the table only to find the wife reading a bloody book. What’s this I asked? Her reply, I am so sorry dear it’s just this book...I don’t give a damn about the bloody book I would just like my dinner. She quickly set about fixing dinner and I picked the bloody book up to see what was responsible for keeping me from my dinner for the first time in forty years…before I knew it I saw my wife put the dinner in front of me some minutes past and she said…Are you going to eat it before it gets cold? All I could say was this bloody book…I now knew why dinner wasn’t on the table it’s a hard book to put down miss, so thank you for teaching an old farmer a new trick there is more to life than dinner on the table a six. We now have Passion For Justice and Madison V Francini and are looking forward to the coming books. God Bless you Kazzie Kennedy.

Mr Roy Donald Markham

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